You only have 10 minutes? Then you can run 2 km or be creative. Try one, several or all of the options outlined here, how to make the pounds tumble outside and inside.

1 · Treppenlaufen und Burpees

If you only have 10 minutes, you should keep your heart rate up all the time. You do not have to constantly do the same thing with the same intensity. Interval training works significantly better in terms of burning fat than a constant workout. One of the best variants needs only one staircase. With the combination of stairs and burpees you sprint up the stairs as fast as you can. When you reach the top, you'll run five burpees. When you're done, you'll run down the stairs again and repeat the two steps as many times as you can until the 10 minutes have passed.

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2 · Kickboxen

Kickboxing is a combination of strength training and constant movement. In this way, you can lose about 107 calories in 10 minutes. For the best full-body workout Fitbox courses, in which boxing techniques have been incorporated into the choreography, ideally suited. If you want to burn more, you can combine the kickboxing unit with a kettlebell workout

3 · Klettern an einer Felswand

You certainly will not get very high. It does not matter because climbing a rock or artificial climbing wall requires a lot of energy. You can burn over 100 calories in ten minutes. A positive side effect is a well-trained body with attractively shaped legs. When you watch climbers, it looks like they're just putting their arms on them. That's not true, because the secret of climbing success lies in finding good ledges where you can park your feet. You need this hold to forcefully push yourself up with your whole lower body.

4 · Fußball

Provided you do not stand around and give everything during the 10 minutes of football, it costs a lot of energy. This is especially noticeable in small outdoor games or in the hall. Anyone who sticks to it for 10 minutes wants to be guaranteed to be replaced in order to be able to sit on the bench panting. Intense football is extremely exhausting because you have to do so many different moves. You dribble, you run forwards and backwards, you have to stop or go for a run and last but not least you have to scare off your opponent or shoot him on the goal. Also, you can not take a break when standing in the field. This sport is because of the many movements a very good all-round training for a variety of muscle groups. You probably will not even know some of them and will feel them later.

5 · Kniebeugen mit der Kurzhantel und Plank Jacks im Wechsel

This very strenuous combination of two strength exercises requires a lot of stamina. Take two dumbbells for this. Women should choose which between 5 and 8 kg. Men can choose their power accordingly higher weights. Now hold the dumbbells in shoulder height and width. Go deep into the squat and come up again immediately. A total of seven repetitions are planned. You will need between 20 and 40 seconds. The rest of the minute you regenerate yourself. Once the second hand is around, you switch to the push-up stand. Here you make Plank Jacks by jumping both feet out and in at the same time. From the top it looks like a "lying" jigging exercise (without arm movements). From this you also manage seven passes and regenerate the respective remainder of the minutes. Repeat this workout sequence five times, until the 10 minutes are up.

6 · Seilspringen

There is hardly any exercise that can boost your heart rate as fast as the good old jump rope. Even a moderate performance in which you talk but can not sing because of your accelerated breathing burns about 107 calories in 10 minutes. If you would put in a few quick intervals, it would be even more. It's okay if you can not last 10 minutes. Jump as fast as possible for 40 seconds and rest for 20 seconds. Each of the remaining 9 minutes you repeat this, trying to make the same number of jumps each time.

7 · Freies Sprungtraining

You can also do jump training without any aids. You do not need a rope or step platform to take advantage of jumping. If you jump up again and again on level ground for 10 minutes, you can still burn 100 calories if the intensity of the jumps is always the same. You can additionally combine the free jumping exercises with other workouts.

8 · Sprints in alle Cardio-Einheiten einbauen

If your old cardio training methods become boring or you want to intensify your fat burning, then incorporate sprinting units into your workout. For example, take the jogging. As you run, find a hill and sprint up. The sprint should take about 15 seconds. For the way back you can take 45 seconds. This "Intermezzo" you should perform a total of 10 times. You can incorporate this form of speed interval into any cardio workout. This applies to the cross trainer, the stepper or swimming. It works. In a four-minute interval with a change of 20 seconds of stress and 10 seconds of regeneration, you can burn 14 calories per minute.

9 · Spinning

A high-intensity spinning class that includes many high-resistance turn units and turns can consume nearly 140 calories in 10 minutes. If there are no such courses in your studio, you can do the training on an exercise bike in the cardio area. Pick three fast songs you want to hear and give it all. Outside, a 10-minute ride on the bike at a speed of 22 to 25 km / h can burn about 100 calories.

10 · Step-Aerobic

Jane Fonda is a pioneer of this sport that has been around for a long time. It is still one of the best ways to burn many calories in a short amount of time. Find a 10 to 12 inch high platform and give gas, if you want to reach the value of about 107 calories in 10 minutes. Are not there such stepper platforms in your studio? Find something similar and improvise your own 10-minute workout. Warm up for 3 minutes by jumping up and down so that you start to sweat easily.

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