With strength training, you begin a highly interesting journey through the functioning of the body and start - perhaps for the first time - even with transforming your body and making it even more powerful. In addition to a good diet that achieves muscle growth through excellent nutritional support, exercise motivation and the right load on the body muscle building a crucial role.

One of the most important questions is how many repetitions of the same exercise within a sentence without break, the best muscle growth and the muscle building can be achieved. It is worth taking a look at the functioning of a muscle and its change under and after a strain. Approach the question of the right number of repetitions step by step or step by step.

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What is the repetition within an exercise?

In contrast to a circuit training, in which you perform a certain exercise for a minute, for example, the concept of repetition is understood as the uninterrupted execution of an exercise that takes place one after the other in chronological order. The muscle is then demanded by contraction and relaxation and switches to attack mode. Increased blood circulation transports more oxygen and nutrients into the muscle. Over time, your bloodstreams - the transport routes - and the muscle of the higher load adapt. Depending on the amount of exercise you choose, the muscle will develop in different ways and achieve new levels of performance.

How many repetitions should be chosen?

Contrary to the creation of a general fitness basis, for example when running or swimming, the muscle formation during weightlifting or bodybuilding differs significantly from it! Most weightlifters work with 8 repetitions or in a range between 8 and 10 repetitions. If you make more than 8 repetitions without really trying, you will not be fully loaded with your muscles: then your muscles will not be able to reach their maximum strength. For example, if you make 20 repetitions without pausing, you are more in the endurance zone than in the area of ​​maximum muscle power or maximum muscle volume.

Goal: Maximum strength for muscle building

At the first training, the athletes want to see a change as quickly as possible and visually perceive the success of the training. In particular, very young athletes or those with little muscle then choose a program that allows with high weights just 5 repetitions at full muscle utilization and is repeated with 5 sets. This is quite exhausting and exhausting!

Combine power and speed

Many other training methods We are committed to sustainably improving your muscle in terms of both strength and flexibility. It uses lighter weight weights so you can do more than just 5 reps. The weights are then tipped or torn faster, giving the muscle an additional velocity or reaction component. Choose the weight so that with slow movement 8 to 10 repetitions are easily possible: With fast movement the number of repetitions reduces by about half.

Therefore, about 8 to 10 repetitions at normal speed have proved to be optimal for muscle building, strength and speed training is possible with 4 to 5 repetitions. In both cases, you will quickly develop a whole new body feeling: The muscles become much clearer and more proportioned and the fat and water content of your body gradually decreases. Also, do not be surprised at an initial slight weight gain, as the body first builds muscle mass and then reduces fat and water levels. In any case, after two to three weeks, you will already achieve results and have more appeal to you and others. So that the success after 2-3 months does not suddenly stagnate, it is also important that you your training method and or intensity technology from time to time (6-8 weeks).


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