"Skinny Fat" is a term that is particularly prevalent in English-speaking countries and is used to describe people who, when dressed, are slim looking, but have a relatively high fat content and a low percentage of muscle mass. Women, in particular, tend to be skinny fat, even though they are starving for their dream figure. How to avoid their mistakes is explained in the following article.

How to become Skinny Fat? 

Those who are referred to as "skinny fat", who usually leads an unhealthy life, although he strives to bring as little as possible on the scales. The problem here: Widely used measuring methods such as the BMI (Body Mass Index) calculator only provide information about the ratio of height to weight. On factors such as the water, fat and muscle, they usually do not enter. This means that although you can have a low BMI, if you have very little muscle or a relatively high body fat, your body still looks neither athletic nor muscular. Many people also go jogging or cycling regularly, hoping to get an athletic body like Hollywood models and actors. The assumption that light, long endurance training leads to a well-toned, "leavening" body is fundamentally wrong: running too long with a low pulse burns more muscle mass than fat in doubt - which is completely counterproductive to your goal.

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What can I do against it? 

Forget the running training! If you're going to run, then do a strenuous interval workout to help build endurance, strengthen your cardiovascular system, build muscle, and burn fat. However, your focus should be on a short, intense strength training. There are countless Skinny Fat women who are convinced they can only get their dream body through their running training. They are really scared of going to the gym and doing weight training because they are afraid to look like professional bodybuilders after two to three months. But nobody needs to be afraid of that: that requires years of training. Strength training gives women relatively less muscle than men. You look sportier, crisper and overall better - who has something against a woman with a well-trained butt and beautiful, slender legs?

Build muscle and burn fat at the same time - is that possible? 

Muscles are your friends, do not forget that. Not only do they look good, they also relieve your joints, they help with everyday stress and work like small power plants. In order to maintain muscle mass, energy must be burned in the form of fat. So building muscle will automatically lower your body fat. Do not be afraid of gaining weight: Muscles are heavier than fat, which is why training beginners in particular can see their first successes on the scales. After some time, however, you will also be able to recognize the first differences in the mirror image. At the beginning of your strength training, do without isolation exercises. Compound exercises such as squats, bench presses, deadlifts, pull-ups, and leaning oars strengthen large muscle groups, resulting in a rapid build-up of muscle mass while boosting fat burning - a miracle cure for the skinny fat body.

The right diet 

Those who no longer want to be skinny fat must stop starving. Healthy fats and proteins are essential for many processes in your body (including muscle growth), long-chain carbohydrates give you enough power for your workouts. Avoid as much as possible fast food, alcohol, sweets and other high-calorie foods. Coke and other sugary drinks should be taboo for you. Even though it's hard, you'll only consume unnecessary calories that quickly disperse in the fat deposits when you're not doing any sports. Drink enough tea and water, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, watch out for a varied diet of healthy fats in moderation (keyword: vegetable oils and fatty fish), and make sure to eat enough protein to get your skinny fat body up and running Be the past

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