"Eating keeps body and soul together" and for every person a balanced diet is important in order to be fit and powerful. But for strength athletes, the right diet is the most important area for building muscle and improving performance next to training. In addition to various other foods that can increase the performance of the body and the muscle building lean quark is also one of the foods that makes it possible to deliver essential nutritional components to the body with an enormously reduced amount of fat.

The valuable ingredients of Magerquark

Quark and especially lean quark has always been considered a very valuable food. As a dairy product, the quark contains a particularly high proportion of proteins or proteins and this with only very low calorie numbers. So, 100 grams of lean quark contain up to 12% protein but only about 65 kcal.

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Especially children and adolescents were given to support the growth or also of various illnesses Genesenden was given to regenerate and strengthen the body various quark-containing foods.

Also in the field of diets, for people who want or need to reduce their weight, the various quark products play a major role.

Important amino acids and proteins are considered life-giving building blocks and are important basic nutrients for human cells. Glutamine is one of those vital amino acids and an integral part of quark products. The glutamine has the essential Muscle building supportive properties, such as the ability to increase strength, to provide excellent muscle fibers and to ensure a good and fast muscle recovery. Other valuable constituents of the lean quark are the high content of calcium, potassium and magnesium as well as lower levels of zinc.

Quark is available in various levels of fat, such as 10%, 20% or 40% fat in dry matter. This means that these fat contents are contained only in the mass that remains when all the water has been withdrawn from the quark. For example, in a 500 gram jar of quark, you can effectively contain only 1 gram of fat.

Thus, the lean quark is just for athletes who their muscle building promote with appropriate nutrition, an ideal and at the same time very reasonably priced food.

Many delicious preparation options for cottage cheese

Lean quark and quark products can be used in many different forms and combine well with other foods. There are mixed quark yoghurt recipes with cold or heated fruits that can be refreshing and vitamin-rich bodybuilders, especially in warmer seasons. But even in dressings and sauces, for example, for colorful salads Quark finds an ideal application.

For example, spicy quark dishes, such as greek Tsatziki quark freshly garnished with garlic and onions, are also perfect meals during the main meals. Quark as a spread or with various vegetables prepared as a spicy meal is also ideal for light evening meals.

For sweet dishes, combinations such as honey and almonds or other nuts are great. Quark is also ideal for mixing a morning cereal with fruit or nuts. Quark dishes prepared with fresh herbs provide fresh and energizing snacks at all times.

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The curd cheese quark is an ideal food to experiment a little and to find different flavor combinations, spicy or as a sweet according to your preference. With these different preparation options, you can also find your favorite foods and support your body with the right nutrition for optimal muscle growth.

Our tip: Magerquark is particularly effective in the evening as a "bedtime meal" (~ 1h before sleep). Due to the low biological value of Magerquark (similar to casein), Magerquark supplies you with energy for several hours. The muscle regenerates and grows mainly at night!

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