is a hormone that is primarily produced by the testicles and plays a major role in men in sexuality and reproduction, hair growth, bone density, for general male well-being and not least for the muscle building, From the age of about 30 years, testosterone levels begin to decline as part of the natural aging process. In addition, the intake of environmental pollutants or the use of certain medications may adversely affect the production of testosterone. 

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More testosterone by losing weight 

If you are overweight, you can easily increase your testosterone levels and metabolism by losing excess pounds and optimizing your metabolism. Obesity leads to low testosterone levels. To seriously lose weight, you should lower the intake of excess sugar. High intensity training two to three times a week in combination with the right diet will help build muscle and help raise testosterone levels.


(eg HIT) and fasting 
Another way to naturally increase your testosterone levels and improve your metabolism is through a combination of fasting and short periods of intense exercise. For muscle building and your metabolism short but intense training phases have been proven to have a positive effect and increase your testosterone levels. Fasting also increases your testosterone levels, because in the subsequent intake of food your body releases more satiety hormones, which stimulate the natural production of testosterone and muscle building. 

Strength training to build muscle

It does not necessarily have to be "HIT" to boost your testosterone levels and your metabolism in a natural way. Also, other strength training helps, provided that it is intense enough. In order to stimulate the natural formation of testosterone and muscle growth, you should work with higher weights and lower the number of repetitions. The best exercises then work to build muscle, the whole muscle groups respond. Especially exercises that promote testosterone are very slow exercises because the slow movements cause the smallest microscopic bridges between the protein fibers of your muscles and good muscle building.

Add zinc
The mineral zinc is particularly important for the production of testosterone and muscle building and therefore you should adjust or supplement your diet accordingly. Studies have shown that ingesting zinc in less than 6 weeks, men had a significant increase in testosterone and muscle gain. Zinc is best absorbed by eating properly. Beans and all foods made from raw milk such as cheese, yogurt or kefir contain a lot of zinc.

Optimize your vitamin D level

Vitamin D is a steroid hormone that is essential for the healthy development of male sperm, metabolism and muscle growth. Vitamin D can increase testosterone levels and metabolism even in overweight men, studies have shown. Sunlight irradiation is the best way to optimize your vitamin D levels and metabolism and, as a result, boost your testosterone levels in a natural way. 

Reduce stress

Under stress, your metabolism produces large amounts of the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone blocks the effects of testosterone because it sets your body to fight or flight in seconds. The thought of mating would be a hindrance, therefore, the testosterone is reduced.

Reduce sugar

The consumption of sugar leads to high insulin metabolism, which lowers the testosterone level. Therefore, for your metabolism and muscle building, you should reduce all foods with sugar and fructose as well as cereal products such as bread and pasta.

Intake of healthy fats 

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, as found in avocados and nuts, are also essential for building testosterone and a healthy metabolism. As research has shown, a diet containing less than 40 percent of the energy input of animal fat leads to a decrease in testosterone levels. Examples of foods containing healthy fats to boost testosterone levels are e.g. Olives, organic milk nuts, avocados and organic meats.

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Prefer foods with whey protein and BCAAs

As essential amino acids, BCAAs - Branch Chain Amino Acids (German: branched-chain amino acids) play an important role in muscle building. The BCAAs become more effective when taken in conjunction with strength training. BCAAs like leucine are also available in nutritional supplements. Dairy products contain a particularly high concentration of leucine. However, to achieve a proper effect on the metabolism, you should dose the leucine high.

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Fat Shred Maca

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Fat Shred Maca
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