People need energy to deliver and survive. The key question here is how much energy is needed to meet demand. The human body is highly sensitive. This is especially noticeable when exaggerated with the energy input. One of the main reasons for too much food is the well-known cravings. There are many theories why the natural mechanism is overridden when you see sweets. At that moment, you are crossing the line from physiological food to psychological food intake. You then stop eating to provide your body with the necessary calories. You bite into the candy bar to satisfy your mind. You only believe that you are hungry, because the object of your desire looks so delicious and smells so seductive. That's the crux of cravings. Therefore, it is even possible to become dependent on certain foods downright. The food industry takes advantage of this fact and cleverly combines fats and sugars in their products, which successfully encourages you to consume. If you want to know how to fight or outsmart your cravings, read the following tips.

Tip 1: Always have breakfast

If you do not take anything in the morning, you'll get the receipt in the morning. The first cravings will not be long in coming. Unfortunately, sweets are often used. You can avoid that by having enough breakfast. This will also give you valuable nutrients for the day. Make sure your carbohydrates are getting good carbohydrates slowly into your blood. Take homemade granola, fruits and whole grains. Also good for preventing food cravings are dairy products such as cottage cheese or yoghurt. The protein contained therein makes long-lasting full.

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Tip 2.1: Brush your teeth when cravings come

It sounds funny, but it is effective. If you brush your teeth or use a mouthwash, you can counteract the cravings. The taste buds absorb the "minty" taste and the desire for something sweet is neutralized.

Tip 2.2: Brush your teeth quickly in the evening

Brushing your teeth will benefit you one more time. If you want to sit in the evening in front of the TV, there is the danger in the room, that you reach for sweets. You can counteract this by brushing your teeth first. Your readiness for something sweet then decreases abruptly. Firstly, it is due to the effect already described. On the other hand, you will feel little desire, because of a little chocolate yet another time to brush your teeth.

Tip 3: Chewing gum

Chewing gums stimulate salivation. The cravings are demonstrably dampened by chewing gum. Do you then take flavors such as mango or papaya, then you satisfy your desire for sweets. If you are tired or stressed, a gum will help you as well. The cravings are tricked, because it is unappetizing to take the chewing gum for something sweet out of the mouth, then continue to chew it.

Tip 4: Drink water

Water is an optimal tool for your fight against cravings. First, the fluid fills the stomach, which makes you feel fuller faster. If you drink warm water in small sips, you also cleanse your body. In addition, water is an effective fat burner and helps you in many other areas of your health. Drink 30 ml per kilogram of body weight daily.

Tip 5: Turn off

The cravings go almost as fast as they came. At the latest after 15 minutes he is gone again. Deflect yourself by talking to friends, moving or cleaning up your home.

Tip 6: Write a cravings journal

A diary makes double sense. Write down exactly when the cravings come. What did you eat and how did you feel afterwards? In this way you can find out where the attacks are coming from and avoid them more consciously. Feel inside yourself and try to get to the bottom of the cause. You should include the following information in your notes: - The smell and appearance of the food - The time of day, when the cravings come - Your mood at the time (were you tired, annoyed or overwhelmed?) Just by writing this down, it can happen to you your food cravings vanish and you can take on the ability to cope better in the future. You can combine your cravings journal with a nutrition book. Write down what you eat all day long. You'll be amazed what amounts come together. From an estimated 2000 calories, it can quickly become 4000. The easiest way to do this is to install a smartphone app. There are very good calorie counter programs for all operating systems that make writing to you as easy as possible.

Tip 7: Eat regularly

Man needs routine. This is especially true for food intake. If you eat regularly at the same times, then your body and your brain will adjust to it. This has several advantages. First, you'll have less cravings because your mind knows when to eat again. Second, you will not get an attack in the evening because you ate the day. Third, regular food intake will also affect your figure, as you will omit the "snacks".

Tip 8: Think negative

As mentioned earlier, cravings are a result of psychological food intake. Your brain wants food. Your body does not need one. Trick out your mind. Connect with the delicious sweets negative emotions. Let the gummy bears fall mentally into the mud, put on the chocolate mold or lick the piece of cake from a dog. Visualize your food. Do you like to drink coke or energy drinks? Just eat eight teaspoons of sugar at once. You will then see these drinks with different eyes. You can also use a trick and imagine the delicious burgers, pies and other calorie bombs in black and white. Without color they immediately lose their appeal. Finally, the eye eats with. The cravings are tricked and loses importance.

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Tip 9: Out of sight

This tip is very effective. You just have to make sure you have nothing unhealthy around you. Your shack needs to be a candy-free zone. The same applies to your workplace and your car. Collect your remaining chocolate bars and dispose of them. Go through all the locations that are relevant to you. You train your brain to get along without sweeties. It will react. Less cravings will be the result.

Tip 10: Train new behavior

To get along well with your cravings in the future, you have to train yourself to behave differently. You just reprogram your brain. For example, if you smell fresh baked goods, you just keep going. This is an exercise that will make it easier for you to resist temptation in the future. Your craving for sweets runs off in 4 stages. First comes the stimulus, then this is activated. There follows a certain form of arousal. By eating the candy, relax. With the new behavior you stop this process already in its formation, since you resist the stimulus.

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