Whether sauna and training harmonize with each other, there are different opinions. If both are applied correctly and some important factors are taken into account, a sauna visit and sports can complement each other very well and contribute to the health and contribute to the general well-being.

Sauna and sports activities

Combining sauna and training or sport is basically healthy. Because regular sauna strengthens the cardiovascular system, which in turn is the best prerequisite for a promising training. The best example is the Finnish sauna, which has existed since the beginning of the 20th century, and the Finnish Olympic champion Paavo Nurmi, who regularly offers sauna sessions in connection with training for his fitness. The main ingredient of the sauna is the change of warm and cold temperatures. That strengthens that immune system, improves the metabolism and increases breathability. By sweating both waste products as well as others toxins better transported away. Despite everything you should slowly approach the sauna and the sauna at first not too much to expand. At the beginning is a duration of 8-12 minutes sufficient. You should 2-3 times to repeat. After every sauna session you should Pay attention to proper cooling and rest periods.

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Even with any form of exercise, you should take it slow. Important before the workout are warm-up exercises. Since the body loses important minerals while exercising, you should drink enough before exercising. But even after exercise, it is important to replenish the body's moisture stores. You should be careful, if you have caught a cold. During this time you should refrain from sports activities. The body is weakened at this time and pathogens could thereby spread in the body and damage important organs such as the lungs or heart and lead to life-threatening diseases. Depending on the type and intensity of the training, a sauna session following the sport may not be safe, even if the sauna and the sport are extremely healthy in each case.

Sauna visits before training

Immediately before intensive training programs or competitions you should absolutely refrain from a sauna visit. A sauna session causes the body to lose important minerals and up to half a liter of water. The athletic performance decreases significantly. A sauna bath would be conceivable one day before the training. Also between two saunas you should refrain from sporting activities. After the sport in the sauna? Although a sauna visit after exercise is often recommended, it should not be done immediately afterwards, which could increase susceptibility to infectious diseases. Intensive training means stress for the body, the immune system is weakened. Therefore, there should be a longer break between training and sauna, at best, for several hours adhered to, especially with harder training sessions. This way, you can prevent diseases and enjoy all the other positive effects of a sauna bath to the fullest. In the case of easier exercise, at least half an hour should pass between training and a visit to the sauna. Both breathing and heart rate and heartbeat should be back to normal levels beforehand.

Conclusion to Sauna & Training

Both recreational and professional athletes can benefit from sauna visits, as well as many others who usually do not exercise. A sauna visit after sport promotes the regeneration of minor muscle injuries, relieves tension and improves blood circulation. Despite everything, you should not exaggerate both.

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