Training plan "Burn it Up"

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Training plan "Burn it Up"

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BURN IT UP - The Ultimate and Tried-and-Tested Muscle Mass Building Program (PDF)

The 13-page PDF is optimized for smartphones. So you have the plan at hand anytime!

  • The goal of this routine is quite simple: BUILD MUSCLE MASS and not "fit into the summer" or "What you need to do to see your 6pack" You will not find this training plan in any lifestyle magazine or TV shopping channel. And no, it does not work "in the lunch break"!
  • The training program is TRUE MUSCLES, just that and only that! If you've already been sore for the ideal workout plan that will add many inches to your chest, arms and legs, then you've come to the right place.
  • The training program works for those who want to gain extra weight or have trouble packing the first few kilos. The frustration stops here!
  • The training program is a 4-day split workout, each workout lasts about 1 hour without any additional training of any kind. The essence of this workout program and the individual workouts is to maximally stimulate muscle mass with the most effective exercises and then the gym for maximum recovery and muscle growth leave!
  • With this training program you will receive a comprehensive description that covers and explains every aspect of the training. Training, rest and training-free time are described and explained, in these documents you will not only find a training plan, you will also train yourself and enrich yourself with knowledge to understand what and why you do it!

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