High Protein Pizza

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By far the best protein pizza you've ever eaten!

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The PROTEIN PIZZA by Fitnessmagnet® is a delicious lowcarb pizza dough mix with a high protein content. In a jiffy, the dough is created and can be used at will. Perfect for healthy pizza enjoyment. Consistency and taste make this product an absolute top seller!


  • High protein & low carb
  • Sufficient for about 8 pizzas (depending on size)
  • Simple preparation - only water and a little oil needed
  • Incredible taste and great consistency
  • Exclusively high quality raw materials, made in Germany!
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Knead all ingredients to a smooth dough, about 3 minutes at low speed and about 4 minutes at higher speed. Do not bake too hot, as the crust tan is stronger than normal pizzas. Bake at approx. 190 - 200 ° C for approx. 17 - 22 minutes.


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