Green Coffee

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Can help promote the burning of body fat in a natural way

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Green Coffee

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GREEN COFFEE by FitnFemale® - A great product during a diet.

The most important thing at a glance

  • Can help promote the burning of body fat in a natural way
  • Enthält 50% Chlorogensäure, welche nachweislich eine gewichtsreduzierende Eigenschaft besitzt.
  • Has an invigorating effect
  • One can last for 60 days

As the name implies, the green coffee extract (GCE) is extracted from the still green, ie unroasted, coffee bean, since not all active substances contained survive the thermal treatment during roasting. The main active ingredient is known as chlorogenic acid and is according to current scientific findings mainly responsible for the metabolic effects and is therefore considered a valuable agent for weight loss.

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*Neuer Geschmack*
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*Neuer Geschmack*
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