Nutrition Plan - GET RIPPED

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Nurture yourself like an athlete! Proper nutrition accounts for over 60% of your success, Get fit!

Nutrition Plan - GET RIPPED

69.90 VAT included

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Dein persönliche Ernährungsplan von FITNESSSMAGNET®. Aufgrund vieler Anfragen nach einem individuellem Ernährungsplan haben wir den GET RIPPED Ernährungsplan entwickelt, welcher jeweils auf dich abgestimmt wird. Die Ziele vom Plan sind hauptsächlich Muskelaufbau und Definition.

  • Individual and flexible design
  • Determination of your daily energy needs, on training as well as training-free days!
  • No stubborn and monotonous nutrition plan! You can choose from many different options, on what you feel like!
  • Every Sunday Cheatday (at 4 and 5 training days).
  • All meals / recipes for main meals and snacks with pictures and nutritional information. Altogether over 40 pages!
  • With nutritional value tables - adapted to all daily meals
  • Individually customizable.

Nach dem Kauf, erhältst du automatisch einen Fragekatalog per Email. Bitte sende uns diesen so rasch wie möglich beantwortet zurück, damit wir den Plan für dich individuell erstellen können.

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The nutritional plan is divided into 3 parts

  • General information
  • Your personal nutrition overview
  • Meals / menu card

There are Low Cal, High Cal and Cheat Days! From week to week you can choose how often you can or want to exercise. Between 3-5 times, however, you should do something sporty, so that you can achieve the best possible result. Depending on how many training sessions you choose, you have different levels of High Cal or Cheat Days. Thus, you are flexible from week to week and can choose your favorite. The more you train, the more energy your body needs, or forgive yourself for a cheatday.

The plan is structured with 3 basic meals. You can choose between 6 breakfast options, 8 lunches and 8 dinners, whatever you feel like. In addition, you have 14 snacks that you can incorporate as needed into your diet. All meals and snacks are shown with photo and nutritional table.

  • Composition of meals Breakfast – Die erste Mahlzeit des Tages beinhaltet viele gesunde Kohlenhydrate, welche dir Energie für den Tag geben.
  • Having lunch – Eine ausgewogene Mahlzeit mit Gemüse, Protein und Kohlenhydaten.
  • Dinner – Low Carb und proteinreich und wenig bis keine Kohlenhydrate.
  • snacks – Es gibt 14 kleine bis grosse Snacks, welche du nach Belieben einbauen kannst., z.B. vor oder dem Training nach dem Abendessen. Um 22:00 Uhr solltest du jedoch deinen letzten Snack zu dir genommen haben.

No, there is only one version for fish and meat eaters.

On the contrary. A majority of people even have to learn to eat more. This is especially true at breakfast!

Since this plan contains individual components tailored to you, you will receive the plan by e-mail within 48 hours. This plan will be sent to you electronically, so there are no shipping costs. Plans and eBooks are excluded from the right of withdrawal.

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