Beta alanine

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For more power and power in your workout

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Beta Alanin Pulver von Fitnessmagnet® – Bei Beta Alanin handelt es sich um eine nicht essenzielle Aminosäure. Durch die Einnahme von Beta Alanin ist es möglich, beim Krafttraining mehr Wiederholungen zu schaffen und die jeweiligen Übungen mit mehr Power und Kraft durchzuführen. Vor allem in Kombination mit Kreatin  lässt es sich zur Förderung der Leistungsfähigkeit sowie zur Optimierung des Fettabbaus einsetzen.

The most important thing at a glance

  • For intensive training sessions
  • Neutral taste - perfect for mixing
  • Very high quality and pure substances
  • Optimal intake & supply
  • Supports the strength endurance in the workout
  • Ideal in combination with creatine

How to avoid unpleasant tingling

Anyone who has ever used beta alanine will remember the tingling sensation that can affect almost the entire body within a few minutes of ingestion, sometimes lasting for half an hour. Although this feeling is due solely to the increased blood flow due to a high single dose and of course is completely harmless, it is unpleasant for many exercisers. If you are one of those athletes who feel disturbed by tingling, you should divide the total daily dose, which varies from 2.6 to 6.4 grams, depending on your body weight, over several doses. 

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