24 vitamins & minerals

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The All-In-One Vitamin & Mineraltabletten

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24 vitamins & minerals

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24 VITAMINES + MINERALS by FitnFemale® gives you 12 essential vitamins & 12 essential minerals in one capsule. Highly dosed and specially developed for women.


  • High-dose vitamins and minerals
  • All-in-one vitamin and mineral preparation
  • Only 2 tablets daily
  • 1 tin is enough for 8 weeks

If you're a strength athlete, endurance athlete, or someone with a physically demanding job, you definitely need more nutrients than the average couch potato. And no, not just carbohydrates, proteins and fats, but also essential micronutrients. In addition to minerals and trace elements, the focus is primarily on vitamins, which are often lacking in practical nutrition.

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