muscle building is a process of heavy weights, healthy eating and exercises. With the definition Then you can refine your muscle image. If you are a so-called Ektomorph everything will take a little longer. The ectomorph is a hard gainer, as he can eat whatever he wants without becoming too obese. His musculature is harder by a strength training, but he does not increase in mass.

The diet for the ectomorph

Eat as much and as often as possible. Eating a lot of calories and a lot of protein. As an ectomorphic body type, you must take at least 5-6 meals a day to gain weight. The daily routine should consist of three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and three snacks as a snack. Below we have listed some nutritional errors that can significantly block the mass build-up of your muscles. Too little protein Protein is the staple food for every strength athlete. An ectomorph should therefore eat a lot of meat, eggs and fish. Especially whey protein is the most important supplement for thin people, so that they can sustainably build muscle mass. Eat too much protein rather than too little. To healthy food Training with weights requires a lot of energy, which is also in the food. Of course, the "normal" strength athlete also makes sure that he eats healthy and does not take too much or no junk food. The ectomorph, on the other hand, has a completely different metabolism, so it is also allowed that he can eat his burgers, pizza or fries during the muscle building phase. No breakfast Breakfast should consider ectomorph as the most important meal of the day. A large and extensive breakfast will quickly give you the basic energy for the entire day. Make sure the breakfast is stocked with enough protein. Suppressed meals Many people suppress their feeling of hunger because they believe that they will get too fat if they eat again. In a muscle building phase, this setting is an obstacle to success. The muscles also need energy to grow, which must be supplied in the form of all nutrients. The ectomorph should therefore eat as much and as often as possible so that its body does not become catabolic.

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The right strength training for the ectomorph

The nutrition is just one part responsible for mass and muscle building. Without real and intense training The food alone in the muscles can not do much. Strength training sensitizes your body's ability to partition nutrients. This means that ingested proteins and carbohydrates are stored in the muscle cells and not in the fat cells. But not every strength training facilitates nutrient partitioning and builds muscle. Below are three exercises that are considered to be the most efficient exercises for sustainable muscle growth. 1 . Squats 2. Deadlift 3. Clean and Press By focusing on just these 3 exercises, an ectomorph can achieve efficient muscle building with high calorie intake and protein intake. The only problem is that these 3 exercises train many identical muscle groups. Squats and deadlifts exercise the thigh and buttocks muscles. If you now train both exercises in one workout, it can lead to a so-called "overkill". Overkill It is therefore recommended that you use only one exercise for each muscle group.

The building-on technique

The term "Building-On" was coined by Charles Staley and refers to the sequencing of exercises. This means that each exercise serves as a warm-up for the next exercise in a given order. This training strategy is used in both Olympic weightlifting and bodybuilding. Here are some exercises that are suitable for the building-on technique. 1. Punches: 3 sets of 3 reps 2. Deadlift: 3 sets of 3-5 reps 3. High Pull: 3 sets of 5-7 reps 4. Push Press: 3 sets of 5-7 reps The following is a workout for the ectomorph can be an important basis for its weight gain.

Ectomorph - Workout: Monday

Exercise - sentence - repetitions

  • Clean and Press - 3 - 3
  • Deadlift - 3 - 3-5
  • Hang Clean - 3 - 3-5
  • Military Press - 3 - 10-12

Ectomorph - Workout: Wednesday

  • Pull Ups - 3 - AMAP *
  • Dips - 3 - AMAP

* AMAP means as much as possible.

Ectomorph - Workout: Friday

  • Clean and Jerk - 3 - 3
  • Squat - 3 - 6-8
  • Power Clean - 3 - 3-5
  • Push Press - 3 - 5-7

The regeneration pauses are 3 minutes between each set.

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