For most it is high on the wish list: a few kilos less it should be. However, enough exercise and a healthy diet are often easier to implement than implemented. The body, the right food provided, even when eating lose weight. It may sound utopian, but natural fat burners keep the body healthy, fit and help burn fat.

If life gives you grapefruit ...

The grapefruit is a top fat burner and is especially for breakfast a great and healthy alternative. A lot of vitamin C provides a healthy immune system, studies could even determine that the grapefruit is an active fat burner. If you eat a grapefruit every day, the body loses weight - especially in winter. Because the strengthening effect of grapefruit is the replacement for fat deposits of the body. By the way, grapefruit and grapefruit are not the same fruit: the grapefruit is a cross between grapefruit and orange. Whether pure or in fruit salad, the grapefruit is always a culinary enrichment due to its taste.

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If the citrus is too tart, you can lose weight with the milder, but equally healthy pink grapefruit. 

Sour makes you slim: the lemon

Even lemons are real, natural fat burners. Its high vitamin C content is extremely healthy and provides firm tissue and the contained L-carnitine ensures that the body burns more fat while exercising. Thus, one uses the body's own fat as fuel during sport and can specifically prevent it against the pads. In addition, the acid keeps the muscles active for longer, deacidifies the muscles, which is extremely useful for building muscle.

chicken breast

The best body fat burner? That's just muscle mass. To promote this, a low-fat, protein-rich diet is recommended and hardly any meat is better than chicken breast. The tender white meat is easy to prepare and the contained protein provides more muscle growth. The muscles in turn play the role of active fat burners in the body (even at rest). In addition, the body consumes energy contained in processing proteins.

Mirrored or stirred? eggs

The breakfast egg belongs in this country most likely on Sunday on the breakfast table, while scrambled eggs should actually be on the nutrition plan every day. 

The eggs turn out to be indirect fat burners, because scrambled eggs saturate for a long time and thus prevent over an extended period of intense hunger. So if you gain weight because you can not keep snacking in between, you can outsmart your stomach with eggs from the pan.

Chili, that's burning

Chili pepper not only burns in the mouth, but is also an excellent fat burner. Capsaicin is the name of the substance that provides the pungent taste of the pod while at the same time filling up and consuming energy. Especially the small red pods are suitable for losing weight. If you like it hot, you will love the chilli pepper as a dietician.

Capsaicin in ginger

The ginger pod also contains capsaicin, a thermogenic substance that helps the body burn fat. Even a small bite in the natural fat burner ensures an increased combustion in the circulation. Improved blood circulation and increased lactic acid production also make ginger consumption a positive driver for muscle growth. This is ideal for anyone who wants to build muscle mass and lose fat.

With cinnamon to the figure of the stars

Even sweetener cinnamon can help you lose weight. At least in moderation. Cinnamon is extremely healthy in itself (definitely healthier than sugar). At moderate dosage cinnamon lowers the blood sugar level, blood lipid levels and boosts fat burning. This is cinnamon a small, sweet fat burner, which is only too often found in real fettmacher ...

Green tea helps with metabolism

Above all, the catechins contained in the green tea prove in the diet plan as a real fat burner. Together with the contained Falvonoiden (tannins) prevent the catechins the storage of fat in the liver and body. This not only detoxifies, but is also extremely healthy. With two to four cups of tea you boost the circulation optimally.

Cold water

Water is an excellent fat burner and it has several reasons. On the one hand, the body needs water as fuel to maintain its metabolism. In addition, many people confuse thirst with hunger, a dehydrated body is more likely to eat more. 

A myth, on the other hand, is that the body decreases because it has to heat the cold water. For example, the body has to convert one calorie of energy (depending on the temperature) to heat one gram of water one degree. However, this is negligible compared to the common usage of the word calories (kcal, ie kilo calories). So to heat a liter of 10 degrees cold water to 37 degrees, the body requires an energy turnover of about 27 kcal (ie a small glass of apple juice). That cold water is still an ideal fat burner, is mainly because you take the water instead of high-calorie soft drinks and spritzers. Drinking water is a basic prerequisite for losing weight, it keeps the body active and fit.

Which natural fat burners do you still know?

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