This post is about safe strength training, How to build and strengthen your body without hurting yourself. We'll show you the basics of safe weight training and research why some people overdo it. You learn the things you should avoid if you want to become strong in the long term. Because every injury throws you back for weeks or months. If, despite all the warnings, you have a workout accident, our tips will show you what to do before you go to the doctor. Let's start with the basics.

What does healthy strength training look like?

You gain strength as your muscles get stronger. They gain strength through better involvement of existing muscle fibers and muscle growth. Muscles recruit or grow when you put on a training stimulus. This training stimulus leads to muscular adjustments during regeneration, ie in the resting phase. For the muscle to become stronger, the stimulus must be correspondingly large. But not too big, if important participants in the increase in strength should not be harmed. In addition to the muscle fibers themselves, these are the joints, tendons and ligaments. They, too, gradually adapt to the strain and become stronger, more stable and more resilient in the regeneration phase. From all this there is only one logical conclusion for you. Train carefully and adjust the load to your current possibilities. If you have paused for a long time, do it all in a comfortable way, in case of doubt with less weight, but more repetitions and increase the weight carefully. But exactly this principle does not want everyone in the head.

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Mental causes of injury

Strength training appeals to many trainers age-old, in the instinct of the people existing needs for power and status. Anyone who has strength is attractive, sexy and has better chances of mating than the petite contemporary, whose upper body you can count on the ribs. Therefore, most people can not go fast enough in terms of power. This unreasonableness is the cause of the 3 main mistakes that we will discuss shortly. Now that you know the devil who whips you to fast-speed and unreasonable training, hopefully you will not make that major mistake.

Main mistake - you train with too much weight

Who does not know the asparagus Tarzan, who tries to lift a weight of more than 200 kilos with his thin body? You surely know such jokes from everyday studio life. According to studies, too high a training weight is the cause of injury No. 1. What happens to these people, we wish to nobody. This begins with muscle tears, torn ligaments and ends with chronic joint problems and a status as a permanent guest at the orthopedist. Those who train with too much weight are at the mercy of the next mistake.

Error - Wrong exercise execution

Too much weight is at the expense of clean exercise execution. Most, especially beginners, forget that the technique and movement of each strength exercise must be trained, trained and trained again. Then somebody makes the cat hump, which does not like the lumbar vertebrae. Wrong exercise execution involves fast repetitions and jerky movements. Then it makes a Schnalzer and the tape is off. What follows is a long-lasting illness with surgery and rehab and total failure of the target. Because the training effect is so negative.

Mistake - Do not listen to the body

Not even something has to break or break. Some feel a pain or a pull through incorrect training, but continue to train undisturbed and steadfast. Totally wrong. Because these are signs of overload and too high training stimuli. If you do not stop exercising immediately and treat your body sparingly, you risk becoming a permanent patient. Listen to your body and pay attention to your psychic signals. Maybe the body wants to tell you when it comes to reluctance that it's time to lower one gear. So do not always go to the limit, to total exhaustion and pay attention to sufficient regeneration. If the pain is already physical then pay attention to the following tips.

What to do in case of injuries?

The general principle in case of injury is to take a break, let the injury subside, make sure that you are 100% fit and then go back to training leisurely. Depending on the degree of the injury you can consider whether you use home remedies or go straight to the doctor. The latter is the best in case of doubt, but you can actively favor the therapy. Home remedy No. 1 is ice cream: A good immediate action that usually speeds up the healing process. If you have hurt yourself, cold causes the swelling to increase too little due to small internal bleeding and delay the healing process. Put ice on a cloth and let it work for 15 to 20 minutes. Good are also compressions, which also have a decongestant effect. Make elastic bandages, but not too tight. Bandages work well with sports albums, marmot fat or ice packs. Lifting up is another action that can help. If you place the injured knee in a supine position on a pillow so that it is higher than your heart, the blood circulation improves. This will bring more nutrients into the injured area. Heat-cold treatments also improve blood circulation. The saying goes: heat heals. Make sure that you do not use any heat treatment in case of swelling. It is to be wished that even these simple remedies save you from having to go to the doctor. If your condition does not improve, you will need to take this step. Make sure you choose the right doctor.

Conclusion: train healthy

You have learned how weight training works in a healthy way. So watch for careful training, moderate weights and clean technique in the strength exercises. Remember that there is a devil in your brain who is appealing to your ego to train too fast. Do not listen to him and do not make the mistakes we have described here. Then you will arrive sustainable and healthy to a well-trained body. And that's your goal, right?

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