To get in shape requires dedication and commitment. Unfortunately, setting goals and putting them into action is not so easy. There are too many obstacles that turn out to be excuses and stop you from doing something for your body. Look at the most common reasons for skipping exercise or not sticking to the diet. If you find yourself in these points again, you should take the following advice to heart and eliminate the problem.

Excuse 1: You have not kept to your plans and you want to wait until next Monday or the first of next month to get started again.

Was it a pizza or a few beers? Instead of immediately resuming eating right now, you'll wait a few days or weeks to continue eating lots of crap. Why does a good diet or exercise program have to start at the beginning of the week or the month? How to solve this problem: Do not stop completely. It's much harder to come back after days or weeks without workouts and good nutrition than after a bad day. Accept your mistakes and continue as before. Get back on track as fast as you can. Do not wait for a fresh start. Something like that does not exist.

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Excuse 2: Your training is in the way of your love life (or vice versa).

In some ways, it comes at the moment when your better half will interfere with your fitness goals. Happens. It's totally human to give preference to a date over a killer cardio unit. How to solve this problem: Speak out or eliminate the bad influence. Communication is everything. Explain clearly to your partner how important it is for you to stay on the right path with regard to fitness and nutrition. Invite him or her to go to the studio with you and make the workout common. If all else fails and it does not work, you should part. That may sound cold, but imagine how bitter it will be for you if you put the wishes and goals of another person in front of your own for weeks, months or years.

Excuse 3: The big game is on and you have to see it.

Your favorite team is fighting for the championship or against relegation? You can not miss a second of a game? How can you go to the gym? What kind of fan would you be if you missed the game for a 45-minute session on the cross trainer? How to solve this problem: Look at the match. Prepare a schedule in advance that will take into account your team's games. It is best to start your workouts on play-free days or in the morning. If you watch the game in a bar, you can merge this day with your cheat day. Nevertheless, look for protein-rich snacks such as chicken wings.

Excuse 4: You're too broken and that's alright for you.

Surely there is a long list of reasons why you can not go to the studio. Sometimes it is too late and too early. Then it's too cold, too windy, too wet or too hot. Or maybe the gym is too full? These are all very weak excuses. You are just lazy. How to solve this problem: Take your time and remember why you lift weights. What goals did you want to achieve? Pull yourself together, pack your bag and go to the fitness center.

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Excuse 5: You could hurt yourself if you train too hard, hang up too much, or try something new.

How to solve this problem: Believe in yourself. You are much harder and more resilient than you think. Try some new things and motivate yourself. You'll be amazed at how you can transform your body by just working a little harder and harder.


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Excuse 6: You spent more time than planned at work.

You have to finish the project or your boss will come in the afternoon with a new task? This happens to the best people, but should you stop exercising after a 10-hour day?  How to solve this problem: Be flexible. It often comes differently than you had planned. You have to adjust to that at any time. Make sure you keep track of your goals. You can cut the training or swap the units. Every little workout is better than no training. How about a 45-minute circuit training? Maybe it makes sense to look for a studio that is open 24 hours.

Excuse 7: You can not go through hard training without protein shake.

You will not get paid in a few days, but your supplies are already used up. You feel like you can not reach your peak during training. You think it's a waste of time. This is nonsense. Every training counts. On the other hand, it is a mistake to do nothing at all until you can buy new powder again. How to solve this problem: Dietary supplements are a great help, but they are not always an absolute must. Instead, after training, you can brush up on your protein balance with "chicken meat" or tuna. For the energy boost before training an espresso is a good alternative. You can also listen to more motivating music during the workout.

Excuse 8: All your sports stuff like the bottom of a laundry basket.

Is the last wash already something? If you do not have clean sports anymore, you will not go to training. How to solve this problem: Are you serious? You need to know if and how much clean sports gear you have in the closet. Stop being careless, take the pile of clothes and do the laundry.

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