Welcher Fitness-Mythos ist wahr, welcher falsch? Hier nun der zweite Teil der grössten Fitness-Mythen.


Mit Krafttraining nimmt man nicht ab Not correct. Muscles are known to be heavier than fat. But if you do a normal strength training as a woman, then you will lose weight as well. The more muscles there are, the better the metabolism. It follows that the more muscle, the higher the calorie consumption.

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A six-pack you get through many sit-ups quickly  Not correct, The main factor is the body fat percentage. Only when it is below 14 percent, the washboard is visible. Especially at the stomach the body stores the most fat. In abdominal training you do not build up much fat. The reason: The abdominal muscles are a very small group of muscles. The more muscle mass in exercise is moving, the higher the energy consumption. Therefore, a combination of strength and endurance training and healthy, conscious nutrition is important.


Muscles make the body immobile Not correct, On the contrary: Balanced strength training improves flexibility. It is crucial that you do not neglect any muscle group during training and go over the full range of motion with each exercise. Due to our frequently stooping everyday posture especially the chest, hip and leg flexor muscles tend to shorten. Therefore, you should not forget to always demand their muscular opponents (upper and lower back and the leg stretchers).


Stretching after sport is important Correct, Especially after sports you should basically stretch the whole body. If you do not, it shortens after some time, the muscles and you get postural damage.


Strength training makes thick muscles Not correct, That is true only with the men. Women do not get a bodybuilder figure from weight training. Muscle growth is dependent on testosterone, and the female organism produces the male sex hormone only in very small amounts. This is why muscle training in women primarily results in firmer muscles - and makes the tissue firmer, the figure better.


Regular jogging damages the joints Not correct, The opposite is the case! Running even protects you from wearing off your joints. The movement makes the synovial fluid thinner and provides the cartilage with better nutrients. The muscles that you build up by running relieve your joints in everyday life. Still, beginners should take it easy: 15 to 20 minutes of running are perfect in the first month, and they should increase their workload by a maximum of 15 percent per week. In this way they prevent them from overloading their ligaments and tendons. Those who are overweight (BMI over 30), have strong X or O legs, should start better with Nordic walking or cycling.


Sport is too risky for pregnancy Not correct, A moderate training during pregnancy preserves the functioning of the body and does not harm the baby. Anyone who has been physically active before pregnancy does not have to give up their usual fitness program even with a bigger belly. However, you should not do sports with direct adversary contact and competitive sport. Also skiing or horseback riding are not advisable for pregnant women. Recommended by sports doctors is a light endurance training, such as walking, in combination with gentle muscle training - especially for the back. From the second trimester of pregnancy, pregnant women should not exercise their abdominal muscles. Because they have to be able to stretch now, and a muscle training counteracts that. Attention: In case of a risk pregnancy it looks generally different. Talk to your gynecologist.

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