There are many myths in sport. We take a closer look at the most persistent ones. Which myth is true, which myth is wrong?  

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Here's part I of the biggest fitness myths 


    Only after at least twenty minutes does the fat burning on Not correct.

    With proper training, the body burns from the first minute of training on fat. The prerequisite for this, however, is the right load.


    Endurance sports is the best way to lose weight Not correct.

    Lifting dumbbells is just as important! Only through intensive strength training does an increase of the mitochondria (cell elements) take place. To lose weight, combine strength and endurance training.


    You should drink while exercising Correct. Before, during and after the exercises, it is very important to drink fluids. As a result, the loss of water during breathing and sweating can be compensated.


    Who sweats heavily, has no condition Not correct. Who does not know that: Shortly after training in the gym, the sweat drips ... And sweating has absolutely no significance for the training state / condition of the exerciser. A sweaty body has just learned to do its cooling task reliably.


    Wherever muscles form, the fat disappears Not correct. It would be nice! The body has only one metabolic system, therefore, the fat can not be burned specifically in certain places. The fastest way to break down the fat on the face. Only then does the body access other fat deposits, such as the hips. The important thing is to consume more calories throughout the day than you consume. This is best done with the help of additional sports units and a balanced diet.


    Eating in the evening makes you fat Not correct. Fat deposits are only made if the body over the entire day too many calories were fed. Late eating is not detrimental to fitness nor is it a key factor in weight gain or weight loss. Nevertheless, it is said again and again that good customer successes were achieved if someone has eaten in the evening nothing more. This is rather because the omission of the dinner has led to a negative energy balance of the day. But you could as well omit lunch. Of course, it should also be healthy and easy to eat in the evening.


    When you stop using strength training, muscles turn into fat! Not correct. Muscles and fat consist of different components; Muscles from proteins and fat from triglycerols. One can not turn into the other. When you stop doing weight training, your muscle mass goes down because of the lack of training. This reduces calorie consumption. If the diet is unchanged, the body uses fat accordingly. This gives the impression that the muscles are turning into fat. This is an illusion though.


    Training a lot brings a lot Not correct. The fact is: In training, stimuli must be set to move forward. The body responds by releasing more energy on the next unit (supercompensation). If the body is allowed to rest after a workout, the next unit can and will be completed at a higher level of performance. If breaks are too short or too long, the performance stagnates or even falls off during overtraining. In endurance sports the body needs between 24 and 36 hours, in weight training 48 to 72, in coordination training even 72 to 96 hours. 


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Inhaltsstoffe wie Beta-Alanin, L-Arginin, Koffein und L-Tyrosin geben dir die nötige Energie und den Fokus, um dein Training auf einem hohen Level zu absolvieren. Dies wiederum wirkt sich zusätzlich positiv auf den Kalorienverbrauch sowie den Muskelaufbau aus.

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