In the vastness of the Internet haunt countless tips for the muscle building sometimes they are more and sometimes less helpful. Since it is very tedious to scour the entire network for these tips, we have compiled for you the 115 best muscle building tips.

1. Basic exercises are the best mass suppliers, so use them!

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2. Even though bodybuilding is mostly about aesthetics, you should work on your physical strength. Remember, there are no weak bodybuilders.

3. The squat is the king's exercise for your legs unless you have an absolutely lousy technique that damages your knees.

4. If the squat is a royal exercise, the Deadlift is undoubtedly the prince among the exercises that will help you build massively.

5. Obtain a clean technique by observing experienced athletes and learning about subject-specific articles.

6. Balance your upper body workout and stop doing seven chest exercises, while giving your back a little stretch.

7. Beginner ... stop practicing advanced athletes.

8. Much does not always help a lot. Especially beginners should significantly reduce the number of their sentences.

9. muscle building is not rocket science. Train hard, eat well and be disciplined in what you do.

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10. Stop truing up workouts.

11. Do not constantly complain of sore muscles. Soreness is part of the game.

12. Do not play the whiner because your body ticks a bit after a hard workout. That's no reason not to go to the gym the next day.

13. A proper diet for the muscle building includes more than just rice, turkey and broccoli.

14. Eat more red meat.

15. Eat more eggs. Make sure that you also use the yolk because it contains the most nutrients.

16. Drink more water.

17. Sleep at least 8 hours a night and do not be afraid of having a nap.

18. Learn to cook. That simplifies a lot.

19. Are you having trouble reaching your calorie goal? Then just add an extra shot of olive oil to your vegetables.

20. Beginner ... stop talking about plateaus, it will take years before you reach such a point. Just take more weight.

21. Avoid changing your exercise schedule every two weeks.

22. Anyone who does not eat enough for fear of losing their Magersix pack will always have one thing left to do: thin with a magister mix pack.

23. Learn to plan your training sensibly instead of leaving it to chance.

24. Increasing the training weight is the core building block for muscle building.

25. Not all supplements make sense. So get informed before you buy anything.

26. There is no black and white in bodybuilding. Weigh your decisions and do not rely on individual statements without reviewing them.

27. Anyone who presents his training concept as the only true miracle cure should definitely be critically questioned.

You can only make progress with a gradual increase in the training weight.

29. Basically, any reasonable muscle building workout works as long as you stick to the rules and your diet is right.

30. Your body needs healthy fat!

31. Eat 90 percent clean, but allow yourself some fun calories to make it easier for you to persevere.

32. Squats that are not at least parallelled are detrimental to the knees.

33. 20 rep squats are incredibly effective.

34. Have more sex!

35. A good back training consists of deadlifts, barbell rowing and chin-ups.

36. Cardio training does not limit your muscle building in any way.

37. Take advantage of the versatility of dips.

38. Shock your calves with different training stimuli if they do not want to grow again.

39. A mass phase works only if you train accordingly. Otherwise you will mainly build up fat.

40. Eat as much fruits and vegetables as you want.

41. Your body needs salt. Make sure you do not eat too little.

42. A reasonable potassium / sodium balance is essential to your health.

43. Your body needs cholesterol. If you eat well, you do not need to worry about your cholesterol intake.

44. In triceps training, you should combine heavy pressure exercises with isolation exercises.

45. Dips and tight bench presses are best for your triceps.

46. ​​If you want big arms, do not forget to train the triceps.

47. If your neck is lagging behind, you should resort to shruggs, deadlifts, and power cleans.

48. Full body workouts can be very effective. Take an example of Arnie.

49. Heavy barbell rowing is best for the back shoulder.

50. Perform isolation exercises on machines and take advantage of them.

51. Always start with the basic exercises.

52. You do not always have to train to muscle failure.

53. There is no curling in the squat rack.

54. Make sure the position of your wrists is tight with your bench.

55. Use different protein sources.

56. Responsible strength training will not affect your growth.

57. Use only high quality creatine.

58. First train large muscle groups, then the smaller ones.

59. Try to separate chest training and shoulder training in your split as much as possible.

60. Beginners should take a break for each training day. This helps the body to regenerate and build muscle.

61. Stop calling yourself a hard gainer. Eat more!

62. Muscle building takes years, not weeks. Do not forget that.

63. If you really want to learn something, you should learn about how the greats of bodybuilding trained in their early years of their careers.

64. Most basic exercises work best in a range of 5-12 repetitions.

65. Perform isolation exercises with a repetition number of 8-15.

66. Soreness is not an indicator of effective training.

67. Beginner ... stop focusing on the pump. Especially at the beginning, it does not help you much.

68. Enjoy every workout.

69. It's OK if you do not change your favorite exercise for years, as long as it's effective.

70. Adopting advice without thinking about it can be dangerous.

71. Never train with a full stomach.

72. Military Presses are not harmful to your shoulders.

73. Basic exercises are always performed before exercises on machines.

74. Do not look for ways to make your workout easier.

75. Never perform cardio training before strength training.

76. Once you've gotten stronger, you should increase the volume to solidify that level.

77. Use intensity techniques to optimize muscle growth.

78. Do not believe everything on the internet.

79. Do not underestimate the upper body / lower body split.

80. Vary the number of sets per muscle group from week to week to partially shock and make them more appealing.

81. There is no magical number of repetitions that allow you to build muscle by magic.

82. Do not train much longer than 60 minutes.

83. The stronger you get, the more you should use higher reps on basics to develop a stable level of performance.

84. Believe in your workout plan.

85. Eat when you are hungry.

86. Treat yourself to a healthy snack in between.

87. If you have an ectomorphic physique, you will benefit from high repetitions.

88. Even if you are overweight, your focus should be on strength training.

89. During a diet, you should not reduce the workout weight.

90. The leg press is a good exercise. But the squat can not replace it.

91. Avoid gaining an unmotivated training partner.

92. If you already want to train to muscle failure, then please only in the last sentence of an exercise.

93. Always try to increase yourself.

94. Never try to lose more than 1 kilogram per week.

95. Be extremely cautious about adopting comparatively extreme training practices.

96. If you are unsure about your squat technique, try Goblet Squats for a few weeks.

97. Forget offers such as: "Win five inches of arm circumference in three weeks."

98. Train your gripping power with static holds.

99. Do not start a basic exercise if you have not put at least a light warm-up rate behind you before.

100. Train your abs last.

101. You do not have to work your abs every day.

102. Go to the gym if you do not feel like it. That releases energies.

103. When a muscle group lags behind, you can try to train it every day with a few sets and a moderate weight.

104. Use more pressure exercises for your shoulder workout.

105. Provide your body with enough food in the morning.

106. Eat between 4 and 7 high-protein meals a day.

07. Treat yourself to post-workout post-workout shake.

108. Provide your body with protein before you go to bed.

109. Do not miss a meal.

110. If you are tired, you can use Workbooster.

111. Try to train at the time of day when you have the most energy.

112. If you do not like vegetables very much, you can put them in the blender and process them into a quick-to-eat smoothie.

113. Ignore Hater!

114. You find your training monotonous. Try a 10 × 10 workout.

115. There is a life outside the gym.

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