diets: review of (fitness) diets

Which diet suits you?

Many people still believe that dieting is a short-term dietary change to decrease body weight. In fact, however, one understands a diet (Greek diatia) a lifestyle change that includes nutrition and active movement. The goal of an effective diet should be to lose weight long term, lose as little muscle mass as possible, and prevent a "yo-yo effect".

For whom are diets suitable?

Not only overweight people today want to do something about their overweight. Especially with strength athletes diets are an important tool to better express definition and muscle mass. Professional athletes need appropriate diets to help them maintain weight or achieve better performance through weight reduction. Also, certain professional groups, such as actors, benefit from a diet so that they can play a specific role better through their sleek appearance. In the meantime, science has already been able to prove through empirical studies that taking supplements during a diet phase can accelerate weight loss. Especially protein supplements have taken on a significant value position in many diet forms. But the important thing is always the quality and the timing for taking this supplement.

Which diet concept should one use?

Before one wants to start a certain form of diet, one should first inform oneself about the different diet concepts. Especially important in diets is the combination of dietary change and sport. We do not want to go into diets that consist only of certain foods. These diets often consist of monotonous foods (pineapple), which must be taken continuously in short periods of time. Although you can lose weight in these diets, a yo-yo effect is inevitable. For a strength athlete, it is also important that he loses as little muscle mass as possible during the diet phase. For this purpose, diets are particularly suitable, which consist of protein-rich foods with low carbohydrates. This concept is especially available in the Low Carb, Dukan, Atkins and Metabolic Diet. Anyone who wants to give up on carbohydrates can try the ketogenic diet, which has proven to be one of the most effective diets for strength athletes. Diets that are particularly responsive to the metabolism are the Glyx Diet, Metabolic Diet and Metabolic Balance. Diets that consist of dieting with a given fitness program are the Strunz and the New York diet of fitness guru David Kirsch. Each diet should take at least 8 to 12 weeks, so that the body can get used to the changed diet sustainable.

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