When it comes to fitness, there are always serious misunderstandings between men and women.

In terms of fitness, we are all at a level where we want to achieve our personal goals, which may differ from your goals. Keep that in mind when discussing your fitness program with your girlfriend, your wife, your sister, and even your mother. Now let's look at the four key things you should know about women and fitness.

1 - Fitness is an essential part of a woman's well-being

First of all, we would like to emphasize fundamentally how important regular fitness training is for us women. That this is so with the women in your environment, you realize when the fitness training is placed on the top of the personal to-do list - even before shopping. That's because fitness means more to us than just building muscle or getting rid of disgusting love handles. The fitness lifestyle and especially the training lead us into a real flow, which translates into all other areas of life. We feel comfortable in our skin, increase our self-confidence - we are just happier. But that not only benefits us, but also the people around us.

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2. There is no such thing as »women's exercises«

Who once wrote the general definition that pull-ups, squats and deadlifts are men's exercises that are not for women? Anatomically speaking, our body is just as structured as the one of you guys. What that means? Quite simply, this means that we also benefit from the exercises you call male exercises. We do not need pink dumbbells and certainly no extra exercises for women. Everything we want is hard to train, build muscle and have a proper badass workout. The only real difference between men and women in this regard is that we do not build up large amounts of muscle mass.

3. Women have a harder time getting their ideal shape

Most importantly, men understand how much harder it is for many women to achieve their ideal physical shape during fitness training. This is mainly because we have to deal with a whole hodgepodge of hormones that drive us regularly in the parade. Unlike you men, we have this nasty menstrual cycle, which twists the testosterone and estrogen levels with masterly regularity. Fetttab- and muscle building under difficult conditions so. To illustrate the whole thing a bit: One day, as a self-confident fitness goddess, we go to the gym to lift a few dumbbells, only to wake up the next day and feel fat and bloated thanks to the hormonal influence. So the next time you hear something similar, hopefully you'll understand it better.

4. Our workouts have depth

Of course we also go to the gym for fun. However, the workout has a deeper meaning for us, regardless of whether we want to build strength and self-confidence out of our inner drive or out of love for our children. The Figurbonus, which we receive thereby, is often even the cherry on top in addition to our actual goal true. The bottom line is that we go to the gym for the same reasons as men, because we really just want to build muscle, lose fat and just spend a little time with us alone. Everything we expect is a little respect.

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