If you're talking about amateur athletes, you'll quickly realize that building a strong and massive chest is usually at the top of the list of goals to be achieved. This is not particularly surprising since the proverbial broad chest not only looks good on the beach, but also radiates a considerable amount of strength and self-confidence. In addition to the purely optical function, a well-trained chest also supports you in the context of your everyday activities and reduces not least the risk of shoulder injuries in this context. So it's high time you stop hiding behind your excuses and start to optimize breast training. For best results, we've put together seven tips to help you make maximum progress.

Tipp 1 · Schuster bleib bei deinen Leisten

Even if new alleged miracle exercises are propagated again and again, you should not get involved in unnecessary experiments lightly, because to build a sensible chest, you certainly do not need to reinvent the wheel. Rather, you should rely on basic exercises such as barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press, as well as flying with dumbbells, because these have helped greats of bodybuilding as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Steve Reeves to the striking stem. Why should not this approach be effective for you? Of course you can try a completely new exercise from time to time, but before you proceed to throw your entire exercise plan over the pile, you should first perfect your form in the context of each exercise, which usually already causes miracles.

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Tipp 2 · Auch Frauen sollten ihre Brust trainieren

It is obvious that anyone who raises iron seriously should exercise his chest, but women in particular often fear that breast training and the associated muscle growth will negatively alter the shape and size of the breast, causing them to important muscle group is often neglected criminally. There is no reason why you should give up breast training, because you certainly do not need to worry about your feminine charms - quite the contrary. In addition, neglecting breast exercise can seriously affect your back health and posture, as it creates muscular dysbalance between the chest and upper back. This can only be prevented by proper training.

Tipp 3 · Press deine Brust aus

What this short but succinct phrase means is clear when you realize that especially pressure exercises such as bench presses and incline presses do not pull their effectiveness from just moving one weight from A to B. If you just reduce these exercises to this aspect, you will never build a massive chest, because as with any other muscle, it's all about the muscle feeling during exercise. Accordingly, you should always focus on the conscious contraction of the chest, which is best guaranteed if you perform each repetition slowly and in a controlled manner, even if that means you need to reduce your workout weight. After only a few repetitions, you will notice that controlled contraction enables you to squeeze out your muscles in the truest sense of the word.

Tipp 4 · Konzentriere dich auf die Form

A clean shape is the key to muscle growth, because as the quality of your movements deteriorates, it's no good for your build-up of muscle to make twice as much body weight with strange contortions. Failure to do so cleanly will result in your muscle fibers being strained as intended, and the secondary accessory muscles also being exposed to stresses for which they are not created. Of course, if you push big weights on the bench with a lot of effort, you only provoke injuries in this context, which will hinder you significantly in your progress. Concentrate on yourself and pay attention to the quality of each repetition, because only then can you achieve the maximum training intensity.

Tipp 5 · Motiviere dich zu neuen Höchstleistungen

The human body is a marvel of nature, capable of adapting to almost any strain within a short space of time. Accordingly, you should keep calling your body over and over, which in the context of bench press means that you regularly increase your workout weight or try to maximize the number of reps you complete. Once you feel comfortable with a weight and can move it clean and controlled throughout the entire set, you should increase it, as this is the only way to create the necessary supratrous growth stimuli that stimulate the growth of your muscle fibers.

Tipp 6 · Die RPD-Methode

If simply increasing the training weight in your current situation is not an alternative, you can use the so-called RPD method, which is a combination of drop sets and the "rest-pause" intensity technique and consists of three phases. In the "rest" phase you start with a weight that allows you to do 6-8 repetitions. After this subset, you pause for 5 seconds before reducing the weight by 20-25 percent and doing so many repetitions until the muscle failure occurs. Repeat this process until you complete a total of 25-30 repetitions. Optimally, you use this method at the end of the chest exercise to get the most out of your muscles.

Tipp 7 · Nutze jeden Trainingswinkel beim Bankdrücken

Since many trainers only perform flat and incline bench presses, they waste considerable growth potential. In order to realize the full potential of your chest muscles, you should also include the negative bench press in your exercise program, as it also recruits muscle fibers in the development of power that would otherwise not be activated. Not for nothing top athletes like the strongman Colton Leonard swear for years on the Negativbankdrücken.


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