Today, values ​​such as efficiency and success shape many areas of our society. Achieve the best possible performance in the shortest possible time is the requirement that also applies to athletic performance. It often does not matter if it is still a professional or an amateur. Especially important are the so-called expert tips, which train a perfect athlete in the morning during endurance training and in the evening during strength training. Unfortunately, this is just theory and does not correspond to reality. If you want to train efficiently today, you have to coordinate your training schedule exactly with your planned time of day. The optimal training program consists of an intense Building muscle in combination with an efficient Fat burning. While strength training is solely for building muscle, additional endurance training can help improve fitness, overall fitness and fat burning. The optimal training should therefore consist of a combination of cardio and strength training. It is important that an efficient cardio training program is integrated between the individual sentences in your muscle building training.

Why should you practice cardio exercises between each set?

In fact, if you only have 45-60 minutes to complete your workout, you should consider incorporating muscle-building and fat-burning exercises into your exercise routine. Normally, during an intensive strength training, you train an exercise such as bench press with a set of 10 reps, then take a break. The break is used for regeneration and is depending on the level of performance between 30 seconds and three minutes. In a training program of 12 sets, each with 2 minutes of regeneration remain at the end of about 24 minutes in which is not trained. Many trainers also use this time with so-called "fillers", so that the entire training time can be used efficiently. These filling times between the individual sentences are perfect, for example, for a short but intense fat burning cardio. Thus, you can also combine your muscle-building training with cardio, which stimulates your cardiovascular system and also boosts the fat burning.

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The best exercises

Choosing the right exercises for a cardio between each sentence is the key to success. In the following we have selected six exercises that stimulate your metabolism and the burning of fat, without putting additional strain on your strength training.

1 · Kettlebell Swings
Kettlebell Swings can be integrated as a "filler" between the individual sets during every strength training. This exercise is especially suitable for training days where the upper body is trained intensively. Train about 15 to 25 reps between each set, which equates to about 250 to 500 swings in a workout.

2 · Seilspringen
Rope jumping can be practiced both on upper and lower body training days. Rope skipping exercises especially the calf muscles, but is also recommended for the thighs and urinary strands. If you jump single-unders, you should complete about 50 to 100 reps, while the double-unders takes about 10 to 20 reps.

3 · Airdyne Bike
The training on the so-called Airdyne bikes is done with quick sprints that train both the thighs hard and also promote endurance. The cardiovascular system is under heavy strain during this training, so be sure to complete a maximum of 20 second sprints during each set. Do not workout more than 12 sprints in a workout.

4 · rowing
In addition to the treadmills, training on rowing machines is generally considered to be the most intensive cardio warm-up workout. Rowing burns many calories in a relatively short time and also promotes fat burning. Exercise between each set on a rowing machine for about 30 to 60 seconds and make sure that the rowing on the appropriate equipment is carried out in a maximum of 8 regeneration pauses during your muscle building training.

5 · Burpees
Burpees have the advantage that they can be carried out without additional equipment. Burpees train the muscles of the entire body and are also recommended for cardio training. Important is the correct execution of this exercise with your own body weight. Train about 5 to 10 reps between each set, which equals about 75 to 150 burpees in a workout.

6 · Jumping Jacks
Jumping Jacks are also known as the "Jumping Jack" exercise, which used to be a lot more fun in gym class at school. Jumping Jacks also require no additional equipment and can thus be easily executed anywhere. We recommend a 30-second training session with the Jumping Jacks exercise between each set. Try as much as possible to complete "Jumping Jacks" during this time.

When should these exercises be trained?

Cardio between the individual sentences can be integrated with both a muscle building as well as a pure strength training. If the focus is on maintaining or increasing your power potential, then you should limit cardio training between sets and do not over-perform. When building muscle, cardio training is always recommended when training less intensively. Especially on training days with heavy weight for the leg and back muscles, you should reduce the cardio training between the individual sets. On training days for the arms and shoulders, the cardio can be performed intensively. Make sure that the cardio exercises fit your workout program as well. For example, Burpees is not recommended for a chest muscle training program or Airdyne bike training on a leg muscle training day. Also, you should always wait about 20 to 30 seconds after the cardio workout until you start the training program for the new set again. This means for you as an athlete that you should always after each type of training about 30 seconds for the regeneration insert, so that the upcoming exercises can be performed efficiently and powerful again.

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