cinnamon In this country is one of the most popular spices by far. However, this is not only due to the exotic origin, but simply because the originally from India or from the island of Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) derived spice is ideal for preparing desserts as well as hearty weights. Cinnamon is in rice pudding, apple pancakes, ice cream, Asian curries, yes, and even coffees at Starbucks. Cinnamon is not only known for its special aroma, but also has a not to be underestimated potential for your health, especially since the spice is rich in various micronutrients. In the following, you'll learn about 6 things about cinnamon that you almost certainly did not know yet, but from now on can be used to your advantage.

1 - Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants

Like coffee, cinnamon is one of the herbal products with a particularly high level of antioxidants. According to scientific studies, antioxidants help the body to reduce the so-called free radicals in the blood and thus to prevent any damage to the cells, since they protect both the cell membranes and the genome itself against the damaging influence of free radicals. In addition, some study results indicate that a high concentration of antioxidants in the blood can sometimes significantly reduce the risk of suffering cardiovascular disease, cancer or stroke.

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2 - Cinnamon counteracts inflammation in a natural way

Among other things, the development of inflammation is the way the organism reacts to injuries and thus sets in motion all the relevant mechanisms for local healing. Persistent inflammatory reactions, such as those caused by illnesses, are extremely negative for the body because they can promote the emergence of many diseases Alzheimer's, arthritis and heart failure. With micronutrients that counteract these inflammatory reactions, cinnamon also has the potential to help the body prevent many bodily injuries.

3 - Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar levels

Even if you want to lose weight, cinnamon can sometimes serve you very well, because the spice has been shown to influence the stabilization of blood sugar levels. The reason for this phenomenon is the fact that cinnamon reduces the speed at which food from the stomach reaches the intestine, which also means that the nutrients it contains are absorbed much more slowly into the blood. Closely related to this is the resulting increased response of the organism to insulin.

4 - Cinnamon can help promote the health of your brain

Among the more unusual facts that are actually associated with cinnamon is the fact that studies have shown that brain health can benefit. Particularly noteworthy is that this effect was not determined as a result of consumption, but by the inclusion of the smell and taste. In the course of this animal study, scientists found that there is indeed a relationship between cinnamon and neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

5 - There is still much that the science of cinnamon does not know

Cinnamon is still a seven-book book in science, despite the many studies that have been done on this spice, as far as not all ingredients have been well studied for their effects. In addition, it is a fact that much of the research published to date has been done with animals but not with humans, so not all of the results obtained are necessarily 100% transmissible. Nonetheless, numerous smaller studies have been conducted with human volunteers that have been able to verify the effects already mentioned. However, many results from long-term studies based on a broad range of volunteers are still pending.

6 - Cinnamon is not the same as cinnamon

Basically, there is not just one type of cinnamon, but actually two. On the one hand, the genuine Ceylon cinnamon, which is also known as Mexican cinnamon, and the so-called cassia cinnamon. Specifically, this cassia cinnamon includes a variety of subtypes such as the Indonesian cinnamon, the Padang Cassia, the Saigon cinnamon and the Chinese and Vietnamese cinnamon. All of these cassia cinnamon varieties contain the phytochemical coumarin, which in high dosages can damage the liver. The genuine Ceylon cinnamon, however, contains only a fraction of coumarin, so that the health-promoting properties significantly outweigh. Unfortunately, the cinnamon contained in many products in this country and also cheap to buy is provided with a high amount of coumarin cassia cinnamon. So, if you want to take advantage of the health benefits of cinnamon, you should always make sure you buy genuine ceylon cinnamon while shopping, even if it is much more expensive.

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