muscle building ✔ You want to build muscle quickly and correctly? No problem if you follow some simple but basic muscle building tips and tricks. In addition to professional training, adequate nutrition is required. Let's go!

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Right nutrition for muscle building

1. A proper diet is the essential basis for yours training.

2. Professional bodybuilders pay attention to the sufficient amount of carbohydrates and protein. Carbohydrates give strength and endurance; Proteins are needed to make muscle mass.

3. Take carbohydrate and protein rich food before training.

4. Also directly after the workout (up to 30 minutes) you should take protein again; this can also be done in the form of protein shakes.

5. Experts recommend taking at least one to two grams of protein per kilogram of body weight (lean meat, fish, dairy and protein products).

6. Nutrient-rich food replenishes your glycogen stores; Muscle growth is hereby optimized.

7. During the muscle growth You should often eat smaller meals.

8. Avoid saturated industrialized foods with added sugars (such as soft drinks) and saturated fatty acids (such as bacon and chips).

9. Climb on unsaturated fatty acids like olive oil, because your body needs some fat to build muscle.

10. Especially valuable for the muscle building are also omega-3 fatty acids, which are contained in salmon and other fish oils.

11. Sufficient vitamins are also needed for optimal functioning metabolism and muscle growth.

12. Drink enough liquid in the form of water. In case of lack of water, the body gets the required fluid from muscles and organs.

13. Experts recommend for muscle building supplements u. A. Whey proteins, BCAA and creatine.

Body Building Exercises

With just a few tricks, you will succeed in building muscle mass quickly, easily and permanently:

14. Muscle building training should be varied over and over so that muscles can not get used to movement.

15. Free weights (barbell and dumbbells) allow a greater range of motion so you gain muscle mass faster and more intensely. In addition, the balance is promoted.

16. Concentrate in the exercises on the muscle you are training. Studies prove that this also reinforces the training effect.

17. Train with a partner, because with help you can really go up to your maximum performance limit and even a little bit beyond that.

18. A training partner encourages you more.

19. You should sleep at least seven or eight hours per night.

20. Between workouts, muscles need a break of 24 to 48 hours to be able to build mass at all.

21. Upper body (chest, back, shoulders and arms) must be trained as well as the muscles in the lower body (buttocks, legs and calves).

22. Keep a training diary, in which you perform all training sessions including sets, repetition number and weights. Also notes such as weight, muscle size, body fat measurements, exercise times, training partners, health and food intake should be recorded here.

23. Check your training and progress using the training diary.

24. Never let a workout fail.

25. Already after four weeks of training, the training plan should be rechecked to increase the weights.

26. Now you can also shorten the rest periods.

27. Respect your limits to avoid injury.

28. Listen to your body.

29. Reduce aerobic units as they impede muscle growth.

30. As the classical exercises for muscle gain still apply Bench press, deadlift, lat moves / pull ups and squats.

31. Short, intensive workouts will provide better hormone secretion in the body, including growth hormones and testosterone.

32. Ideally, in a muscle-building workout, the number of repetitions is reduced to six to ten repetitions.

33. Train in two to four intense sets.

34. Short workouts are more effective as they tire less.

35. A muscle growth training should not exceed the duration of 45 minutes.

36. Reduce stress as much as possible because stress upsets your hormone balance.

37. Motivate yourself through videos and magazines.

38. Always get new tips from experienced colleagues or personal trainers.

39. Remember: Results require discipline, motivation, patience and stamina!

40. Become a fan of fitness magnet Facebook and Twitter ! 🙂

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