Fitness and strength training have changed a lot in the modern age. Always new training variants are invented, which have already developed as cult rituals among the fans. One of these trends is the so-called "Calistenics". Calisthenics is a form of training in which only one's own body weight is trained. Well-known exercises include push-ups, sit-ups or pull-ups.

But calisthenics is more than a monotonous exercise of certain movements. In the meantime, several new variations of exercises and forms of training have developed in Calisthenics, which you can easily train alone or incorporate into an existing training program. Here are ten reasons why you should include Calisthenics in your training intervals.

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10 reasons for the calisthenics training

1 | Exercising with your own body weight has been shown to significantly lower your joints than training with free weights or with machines. This means that you will be less susceptible to injury with certain exercises with your own body weight, because you can train more joint-friendly.

2 | Calisthenics can be trained anytime, anywhere. Since no special sports equipment is required, the exercises can be practiced without much preparation. This saves both time and money.

3 | At Calisthenics, you can measure your success not just weekly but daily. For example, if you start with a handstand push-up, on the first day you may not complete a single repetition correctly, but you may be able to do two to three repetitions the next day. The daily measuring of your success brings you always new motivation for more and more intense repetitions in the upcoming training sessions.

4 | At Calisthenics, you have the advantage of not having to learn complicated exercises on machines. If you want to learn how to ride a bike, it can be that you are constantly falling off the saddle the first day. In the days to come you will become safer and better, until you finally manage to stay on the bike all the time. The same is true of strength training. The advantage, however, is the quick implementation and understanding of the exercise, since you train only with your own body weight. This is especially useful if you want to learn and train more complicated movements such as Back and Front Lever or Muscle-Ups.

5 | Calisthenics you can train every day at short intervals. This has the advantage of being able to train all the time without ever having to worry about going to a gym. All exercises such as pushups or sit-ups can be done several times a day without having to spend time on a specific training session. Your level of performance is thus better distributed to the day and you can train more and more intense every day.

6 | Calisthenics trains the stability and flexibility of the individual muscle groups of the body, which are also claimed in conventional strength training. Specific exercise using your own bodyweight in combination with conventional weight training can dramatically increase your maximum strength in no time. For example, if you're training chin-ups with weights, you'll quickly find that after a few days you can increase your weight if you've also included other pull-up variations in your exercise program.

7 | In calisthenics, different muscle groups are addressed, which are only marginally trained in a workout with free weights. Especially the exercises Back Levers, Front Levers, Planches or Human Flags train unusual muscle parts, which otherwise only have to be specifically trained in a few sports.

8 | At Calisthenics, you can achieve any desired goal with the right training method. It does not matter if you specifically want to train the definition of abdominal muscles, mass or speed. For muscle building you train the given exercises very slowly, so that the muscle can be inflated intensively. Power is accordingly practiced with many exercises that are performed quickly and continuously.

9 | Anyone who wants to be successful in weight training and bodybuilding today must master the combination of weight training with calisthenics. Great idols in weight training such as Pyotr Kryloff, Eugene Sandow, Arthur Saxon and John Grimek were both masters in weightlifting and professional calisthenics. It would not work well on the fans if their idol can do 150 kilos in bench press but is unable to perform three pull-ups correctly.

10 | Calisthenics athletes look aesthetically well-trained. These athletes do not pay attention to a beefy and bulky outfit, which used to be very fashionable. Today, the trend is a flat stomach, wide back and a narrow hip.


Calisthenics is not just a short-term trend, but an important training program, which is constantly being expanded. There are now many athletes who only practice calisthenics, but the combination is ideal in combination with the conventional strength training, because with this mixture you can train your body perfectly. Because Calisthenics can be trained anywhere without elaborate equipment, it is not just a supplement for a strength athlete, but an effective substitute for his usual dumbbell workout.

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