overweight is unhealthy. It affects the joints, damages the cardiovascular system and causes mental health problems. Imagine if you had an ideal weight of 60 kilograms according to your body mass index. Imagine now, you were 90 kilos. Then you carry around with your 90 kilograms a 30-kilogram backpack with you around. So down with the superfluous weight. Obesity is usually a fatal combination of improper diet and improper lifestyle. Doing things right first means avoiding mistakes. Therefore, you learn here what you should not do if you are serious about your goal of a slim body. We start with the diet.

Fehler Nr. 1· Kein Essensplan

The biggest mistake that overweight people make is not having a plan. Who has no plan, has no goal. But goals are crucial if you really want to lose weight. Set realistic goals and calculate what you can eat daily based on this weight goal. For this you need knowledge about your basal metabolic rate. As soon as you manage to consume fewer calories than you use daily, you will lose weight. This requires a certain amount of discipline in the implementation, which brings us to the next mistake.

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Fehler Nr. 2 · Keine Kalorien-Aufzeichnung

Did you know that you have to walk for an hour to finish a bar of chocolate? If you do not count your calories you eat, how do you want to control, let alone keep, your meal plan? So, make a list of your favorite foods and rate them with their energy or their calorie content. Then consistently beat what threatens to exceed the daily calorie limit. If you have a motivational plan that guides you in this way, you will not make the next mistake either.

Fehler Nr. 3· Zu viele Imbisse zwischendurch

As a small bar, still a delicious cappuccino, well, and you can not be a spoilsport? This is how the snacks and snacks that make you smile and seduce you in your daily routine add up. Stop it. Stick to your eating plan, which should be balanced and healthy. Then the following does not happen to you.

Fehler Nr. 4 · Kalorienzählen statt gesunde Ernährung

Counting calories alone is not enough. If you only plan to plan your meals with low calorie food, then it can be harmful in the long run. Above all, you will not last long. A Brutal diet on a low flame can quickly lead to the cravings attack. Keyword yo-yo effect. As fast as you lose pounds, you pack them back on top. Pay attention to the composition of your meals with valuable carbohydrates, high-quality proteins and healthy fats. And do not forget the vital substances and vitamins. Because everything extreme does not work in the long run.

Fehler Nr. 5 · Extrem-Diäten

"The hospitals are full of victims of the Atkins diet," said Willy Dungl, a well-known fitness pope and coach of well-known athletes like Niki Lauda. Pure protein diets, complete abstinence from fats and carbohydrates will not get you anywhere; on the contrary, they are detrimental to your health. In this sense, the next error is to be understood.

Fehler Nr. 6 · Zu viel Vertrauen auf Nahrungsergänzungsprodukte

"Help, Mr. Pharmacist, the weight-loss pills that I bought from you do not work," said an overweight woman of 120 kilos in a well-known Munich pharmacy. How should they work if lifestyle and diet are not right? Those who do not surround themselves here will not be able to help the L-carnitines of this world. It makes more sense to invest his financial budget for the usually very expensive supplements in high-quality food. And pay attention to his life rhythm.

Fehler Nr. 7 · Untertags fasten, abends schlemmen

Eat like an emperor in the morning, eat lunch like a king, and dine like a beggar, that's the golden rule. Most people do it wrong, refrain from a nutritious breakfast, do not go to lunch for stress reasons and stuff themselves full in the evening. The result is an abdominal girth of handsome monarchic appearance. Because during sleep, the energy from the food can not be broken down, but turns into flab. Be sure to make good use of your daily routine and take regular meals during the day. Your supper on the other hand should be very restrained. We have only talked about food so far, now it's about your active life. What you should consider or avoid here, you can read here.

Fehler Nr. 8 · Couch-Potato statt aktives Leben

With sports show you do not lose a gram. Anyone who does not move, as an overweight will be difficult to achieve his ideal weight. Exercise strengthens your muscles and your body gets used to burning off fat and carbohydrates. So your basal metabolic rate increases, that is, your body needs more energy. But also here, make sure that you do not do it too extreme. Strength training and cardio training should be balanced in your training plan. Because for an active life, a training plan makes sense.

Fehler Nr. 9 · Zuviel Cardio-Training

Muscles are the best fat burner. Therefore one-sided cardio training is not effective. Consider the mechanisms of an intense cardio unit. If you really accelerate while running, cycling or swimming, your carbohydrate stores will empty and you'll feel hungry. You may gain more energy after training than you actually burned. The consequence is that you win. Therefore, also rely on strength training. The stronger and stronger your muscles, the more energy you burn. Of course, cardio training on a reasonable level trains fat burning. But with strong muscles you can accelerate this effect.

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Fehler Nr. 10 · Zu streng und zu rigide im Plan

Yin and Yang are also used in slimming projects. You should not mortify yourself, otherwise you will not reach your weight goals. So, with all discipline, with all sensible nutrition plans and perfectly coordinated training plans, take a break and treat yourself to a sinfully delicious bite. If you work hard or lose weight all week, you can treat yourself on Sunday.

Conclusion: Plan full, natural and balanced

If you have a problem with your weight, then set goals that you can realistically achieve. Adequate exercise and sports and a change in your diet will help you. Avoid the 10 mistakes that you have described here and draw positive consequences from them. Good luck.

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